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[ASE] SUMMIT – Particle Atomic Layer Deposition

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Particle Atomic Layer Deposition Battery Market Applications  

Keynote Presentation: James Trevey, Ph.D. – CTO of Forge Nano 

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Particle ALD: From R&D to Commercial Scale  

Dr. Markus Groner – Forge Nano

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Functional ALD Coatings for Tailoring Reactions Kinetics

Katherine Hurst – National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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Gratomic: Our Difference, Commercial Scalability and ALD Technologies

Arno Brand & Armando Farhate – Gratomic

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Atomic Layering for Pharmaceutical Applications: Thermostable, Timed Released, Single-Shot Vaccines

Jessica Rachut – VitriVax

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Atomic Layer Deposition for Improved Biomass Conversion Catalysts

Wilson McNeary – National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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Advanced ALD Technologies Platform to Enable Future Applications

Noureddine Adjeroud – Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

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New Materials for Trapping and Separating Noble Gases

Anibal Boscoboinik – Brookhaven National Laboratory

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