0:00:08   you know a lot of that comes down to what can we solve that materials level that you no longer have
0:00:14   to engineer around. Right? It's kind of a key question because the shortcomings of the battery are
0:00:19   going to be compensated by more sophisticated likely heavier pack. Right? So so the key with A. L. D.
0:00:27   And improved materials overall is that with a better sell you need a lot less of the other stuff and
0:00:34   you can get away with true fast charging instead of like two minutes before the battery overheat and
0:00:39   have to actually charge slower and slower and slower and slower and end up being an hour or two. Um
0:00:45   And so it's it's fast, hard to improve safety um And and getting rid of a lot of those extra
0:00:52   components that are necessary to solve problems that we would have already solved. And therefore you
0:00:56   can get away with a safer higher energy density battery that charges really fast. Um And and you
0:01:07   know is ready to go to sell level and doesn't doesn't take a whole lot of extra engineering to
0:01:11   enable