One of the most exciting, high-value uses for Precision ALD Nano-coatings on powders is Lithium-Ion batteries.

Forge Nano’s precision ALD coatings on cathode and anode powders protect against the most common degradation mechanisms found in Li-ion batteries, including transition metal dissolution, electrode-electrolyte interactions and active material instability.

“Click here to request our White Paper – “ALD-Enabled Battery Materials for Commercial Applications“” 


Enhancing Safety and Durabilit

The benefits of Forge Nano precision coatings include extended battery life and greater safety, especially in extreme situations such as high temperature operation, fast cycling rates and overvoltage conditions.

Our extensive R&D experience in coating various battery materials and powders also helps our clients expedite the product development cycle while reducing costs.

The data on Forge Nano’s coatings in Li-ion batteries show:

  • ALD enabled cathode and anode materials increase battery lifetime by as much as 200%
  • 20% higher battery capacity in large format pouch cells (40 Ah) that pass nail penetration testing
  • 60% reduced gas generation in cathode material
  • A low-cost high-voltage cathode powder with exceptional performance
  • Increased rate capability of conventional materials for enhanced fast charge acceptance using Forge Nano’s proprietary solid electrolyte coatings

At Forge Nano we are committed to using our technology to help you produce more environmentally friendly products. From batteries that last longer to catalysts that improve process efficiency. We believe cutting edge technology can be a force for good in the world, and we can help you be part of that good.

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