When you pick the right tool for the job, you get the best results. Simply put, we make the optimal tools for developing atomic layer deposition coatings (ALD) on particles and high surface area substrates. Products for skincare, batteries, catalysis, microelectronics and more can all be developed with our line of ALD reactors. Over a decade of Particle ALD experience goes into each reactor to provide the best samples the first time. Systems include a 2-stage suite of training to help educate your staff at both our headquarters and your own facility. This dual exposure training in both ALD and particle handling lets you make great samples from day one. This is a Particle ALD tool from the ground-up; not an attachment, not an option.

F-Series Reactors

Our F-series reactors are the flagship tools used at ALD NanoSolutions for service runs and internal product development. With configurations to meet almost any budget, the F-series is the solution for both entry-level and state-of-the-art Particle ALD research. We currently offer our FX series for research and development scale runs to our FP series when you are ready to scale up to a pilot scale.

FX > Fluidized research & development reactor specifications fx

R-Series Reactors

Our R-series reactors are the new cutting edge rotary ALD tools which eliminates fluidization of particles allowing a quicker start with ALD. We currently offer our RX series for research and development scale runs with a full range of options including a plasma source from Meaglow for plasma enhanced ALD.

RX > Rotary research & development reactor specifications rx

Pilot and Commercial Scale Reactors

ALD Nano has developed proprietary pilot-scale and commercial-scale reactors that produce ALD-coated materials for customers today. These systems create cost-effective coatings and are only available to joint development customers and supply chain partners with IP licensing. We support the integration and operation of this equipment at our customers’ advanced materials production facilities. Our Fortune 500 customers have validated coating consistency across our research, pilot and commercial systems, including our continuous vibrating reactor system that can process over 12,000 kg of powder per day.

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