Forge Nano offers a number of passivation solutions through its films. Particles, polymers, and objects can all be protected with films as thin as physically possible. A wide range of protections are offered including UV blocking, electrical insulation, and anti-oxidation. Protection effects can be observed with films as thin as 1nm and can be tuned to exact performance requirements with excellent reproducibility due to self-limiting deposition.

Passivation using SiO2

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SiO2 provides superior coating protection.

Silicon dioxide ALD thin films provide superior protection over any other thin film process. When 250 nm pigment grade TiO2 is coated with 2 nm of SiO2 it provides high quality protection against high temperatures and conc. H2SO4 when compared to an uncoated particle.

Cost competitive solutions:

Powders: $0.1-10/kg (surface area/thickness dependant)
Polymers: $1-10/m2
MEMS/NEMS Devices: ¢ to $ per device.

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