Flexible Barrier, Nano-laminate, Atomic Layer Deposition, Molecular Layer Deposition
Flexible barrier films keep water and oxygen out!

Forge Nano provides next generation flexible ultrabarriers for applications including OLEDs, PV and packaging. Our films offer glass-like water and oxygen protection, with excellent adhesion to various polymers ranging from PET to Teflon. Advanced ALD / MLD multilayer barriers films are in development for greatly improved flexibility. ALD NanoSolutions offers atmospheric pressure continuous ALD on moving web substrates for low cost, high throughput ALD web coatings.

Polymer ALD barrier technology

ALD, Atomic Layer Deposition, Molecular Layer Deposition, nanolaminate, multi-layer
ALD nano-laminate coating provides superior performance

Al2O3 ALD and ALD/MLD nano-laminates provide the thinnest and most flexible barrier solutions.