Development of atomic layer deposition can enable novel applications. From alumina anchors on multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs), to quantum tunneling insulating layer, to catalyst islands, ALD can results in unique coatings and properties. ALD NanoSolutions has extensive experience with developing products with unanticipated, novel characteristics.

MWCNT dispersion anchors

ALD, Alumina, MWCNT, Mulit-walled carbon nanotube, polymer, dispersion, anchors
Alumina ALD deposited directly on MWCNTs.

Carbon nanotubes individually are extremely strong but as a group they are easily seperated. The issue is how to harness that individual strength for multiple nanotubes. We can provide the solution by depositing alumina anchor points that can easily attach to the polymer matrix. All that is required is 5 nm of Alumina on the MWCNTs that we can provide.










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