Lithium Ion Batteries

Li-ion batteries are a rapidly evolving technology with an emphasis on efficiency, lifetime, and safety improvements. High performance cathodes and anodes tend to lose effectiveness over time, especially under high temperatures or charging conditions. These can lead to undesired electrolyte interactions, expansion/cracking, dissolution, or even thermal runaway. A thin protective coating can help minimize this degradation, but too thick of a coating inhibits electron and ion transfer. Particle ALDTM processing can create sub-nanometer thin coatings that can improve cycle life, rate capability, and even safety. The ALD process can be applied to the individual particles before fabrication as well as to formed electrodes.

ALD Electrode Protection Technology

ALD Coated Li Particle
ALD coated material (red) shows improved capacity retention compared to uncoated (black).

ALD Nanosolutions has developed unrivaled coatings for anode and cathode powders and electrodes. We have broad application development experience in atomic layer deposition thin films with in-house developed pilot scale processing equipment. Our Particle ALDTM can provide minimal thickness for maximum performance.

ALD coated: passivates defect sites; greatly improved capacity retention

Uncoated: Loses ~ 85% cacpacity after 200 charges/discharge cycles

ALD Cost Competitive Solutions

ALD Coating on Li Ion Battery Particvle
Alumina ALD Coating on LiCoO2 cathode particles

Here at ALD NanoSolutions we have completed modeling that indicates scaled up cost on the order of $1/kg to production. Currently offering batch or fully continuous scale up solutions.

Contact us to find out if our ALD nanocoatings can help your battery particle technology.

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