Severe oxidation and poor alloying shouldn’t limit your metal printing processes. We want to help you do more with your metal powders.

Preventing oxidation, improving reusability and enabling new metals for powder-based additive manufacturing

So, what if we told you a few nanometers is all you need to unlock the use of new metals, like Cu, W, and Al6061?

At Forge Nano, we’ve developed a solution called Atomic Armor™, an ultrathin nanocoating used to engineer the surface of powders to be exactly as you please. Atomic Armor is applied using a process called Atomic Layer Deposition, or ALD. ALD builds material up atom-by-atom, giving a dense, defect-free film with high control over the surface properties and composition.

Our precision coating solution is so thin, it does not change the bulk properties of the metal, maintaining the core material benefits while solving many of the surface challenges.  With Atomic Armor, you can:

  • Decrease powder oxidation for added durability, longer use, additional recyclability, or in extreme environments
  • Improve sintering homogeneity by promoting bonding
  • Finely tune weight percentage through precision material loading
  • Tune metal alloys for stronger parts

All of this contributes to additive manufacturing feedstocks that are easier to handle, have longer shelf lives, and can be used more readily at scale. Below are some examples of solutions we offer for metal powders:


For Ti64

Improving reusability and reducing OPEX costs by decreasing oxidation


For Copper

Protection from oxidation and  beam reflection for use in standard powder fusion equipment


For Tungsten

Improving sintering and alloying processes to prevent hot tearing  in large part printing


For Al6061

Oxidation protection for fully dense binder jet printing in atmosphere

Case Study

Featured Case Study: Improving Ti64 reusability using Powder Atomic Layer Deposition

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