Forge Nano has been recognized by leading organizations for our continuing innovation and development of cutting edge technology. 


Forge Nano awards: We work tirelessly to be the best. Our team is focused on delivering results. Our technology makes the world a better place. We improve performance, by making products more reliable and sustainable. Forge Nano has been recognized, from clean power, to innovation. We are very grateful for the recognition. Forge Nano is focused on the future. We are proud to be recognized alongside the worlds most forward thinking companies.



Our team is dedicated to our mission. Forge Nano’s partners and investors, blaze a trail of innovation. We are grateful to be serving the global community. We work with thought leaders to create better, more sustainable products. The Atomic Layer Deposition techniques that we use, affect a range of industries, as shown by the awards we win. Our team leads the industry in innovation. We love what we do, and it shows in the products we design. We won’t stop here…or rest on our laurels. Our eyes are on the future. The results don’t lie. We are driven by success and unafraid of challenges. 

Our team is setting a global standard in particle ALD. 

We thank all of the organizations that recognize the work we do.


Forge Nano is always innovating. We are creating solutions for all industries. All of our solutions are customer based and scaleable. We make strides in ALD daily. Forge Nano makes ALD affordable and scaleable. We make solutions that grow with your business. Our in-house experts design and support all of our tools. Our Investors are proof that our technology works. 

We make tools designed for research. Our research tools are used in universities across the country. We also make tools and systems for Manufacturing. Our commercial-scale tools coat up to kilotons of material per year. Forge Nano is paving the way to commercializing ALD. 

Forge Nano makes ALD easy and repeatable. Our tools are intuitive and reliable. We make innovation in ALD tangible. Forge Nano puts ALD into your hands.

The team at Forge Nano is quality and results driven. We build tools with the highest standards in mind. We make our tools with the highest quality components. All of our tools pass the test of time. 

We are Forge Nano.


Forge Nano makes the news. Our innovation is making headlines. Visit our news page to see recent articles and press pick ups. We want to work with you! Don’t forget to contact us if you have any questions. Forge Nano experts will help you find the right tool for your needs. We listen, asses, and plan. Our solutions are always based on your specific needs. 

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